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buyers are turning to the internet as an information source so it is essential to include an online listing of your property in any plans you may have to market it for sale.
(National Association
of Realtors®*) is web-based marketing company that provides an easy way for people to sell their home By Owner (without a realtor) . Our revolutionary approach is backed by professional tools, expert advice and satisfied sellers.We know this is an exciting time for buyers and sellers, and we enjoy being an integral part of the home buying and selling process. With, your home can finally get the attention you deserve by combining local advertising with nationwide exposure via the Internet!
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Canadian fsbo deal .com is a "For Sale By Owner" real estate listing service that provide's real estate owner's the ability to market and sell their own property privately - commission free - through comprehensive listings on our high traffic website and professional home sales marketing tools

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What is FSBO:
FSBO, pronounced "fizzbo", is a commonly used acronym that stands for "For Sale By Owner."  The term is used to identify property, usually homes, which are sold by the owner without help from a real estate agent.  Possibly the number one reason homeowners choose FSBO is to save money in real estate fees and commissions.  Though selling a home FSBO means additional work for the homeowner, with sales commissions averaging 7% of the sale price of the home, selling a home privately can save the owner thousands of dollars.( $400,000 home @ 7% realtor commission is $28,000) Sell you home with us save you thousand of dollars. Other benefits to listing a home FSBO include more flexibility and control in showing the house and contract negotiations.

Advantages of selling your home with us :
YOU have control over the entire FSBO process, including...
Determining the price
Whether to hold open houses or see buyers by appointment
Negotiating the sale
Managing the close a real estate attorney
Everything is done on your terms!

Quicker sale with Us:
The price of homes sold by an agent are often time inflated to cover the agent's commission.
By selling with Us, the homeowner can reduce the home's price enough to make it attractive to buyers for a quicker sale.
The amount saved from paying a commission can be used to reduce the price, serve as a negotiation tool, or be extra profit to the home seller.
When the buyer makes an offer, you negotiate directly rather than having to go back and forth between the agents.

Reduces stress with with Us:
You decide when to show the home rather than keeping the home in picture perfect condition at all times in case the agent calls and wants to show it immediately.
By scheduling prospective buyers yourself, you have time to prepare for the visits and you don't have to leave the home as you would with an agent.
You determine whether you want to show your home by talking on the phone first with the buyer.

You're the best agent:
You know your home better than anyone.
You can highlight the home's advantages .
You can discuss the work that went into the beautiful lawn.
You know the neighbors, the school district, the churches, and the shopping.
A home that's priced well and is well maintained can virtually sell itself.  But you also have extra information only you can provide the buyer.
More confidence with Us:
You are the one who meets the prospective buyer so you can judge how serious the buyer is, rather than relying on an agent's opinion.
You get direct feedback which helps immensely in the negotiation.
Why pay a commission?
The selling and buying agents get a combined commission of about 7% of the home's sale price. ( $400,000 home @ 7% realtor commission is $28,000)
Are you willing to give an agent thousands of dollars to do something you can do yourself?
If your answer is no, then selling with us is the way to go
House For Sale in Markham
Building Type :    Semi Deteched
Bedrooms :         3+ 
Bathrooms :        3 
Storeys :             3
Location :            Markham, ON                ( Brimley and Denision )

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Asking Price  $459,995
SOLD : $464,000